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Getting Started With H.323/SIP Room Connector Follow


The H.323/SIP Room Connector is a gateway for H.323 and SIP devices. An H.323 or SIP device can make a video call to a Room Connector to join a Zoom cloud meeting. A Room Connector can also call out to an H.323 or SIP device to join a Zoom cloud meeting. 

There are two options for the H.323/SIP Room Connector:

  • Cloud Room Connector (CRC) - Hosted by Zoom
  • Virtual Room Connector (VRC) - On-premise

Both CRC and VRC are available to you when you purchase the H.323/SIP Room Connector add-on.

An email alert will be sent to the account owner if usage is at 80% or higher when the account is subscribed to a minimum of 5 ports.

Note: Each port subscription allows one device at a time to connect across all meetings in your account.

This article covers:


Dialing into the H.323/SIP Room Connector

On an H.323 device, you dial:

  • IP Address only, then enter meeting ID on the welcome screen
  • IP Address##Meeting ID, for example:
  • MeetingID@IP Address: 2139746932@  [Some Cisco/Tandberg devices]

On a SIP device, you can enter:

  • IP Address only, then enter meeting ID on the welcome screen
  • Meeting ID@IP Address, for example, 213746932@

Joining via Pairing

  1. Connect to the splash screen by dialing the IP Address only
  2. Enter the five-character pairing code (seen on the splash screen) enter the pairing code option on the Zoom website or in the Zoom application.